My Secret Murders is a true crime investigation about a maverick young journalist armed with a tape recorder, who gains access to Ian Brady in prison, and embarks upon a personal mission to solve the mystery of two of Manchester’s missing children.

For Fred Harrison, it would be the scoop of a lifetime, but Brady has his price.  Revenge.  Brady wants Lord Longford’s 16 year campaign to free Myra Hindley from prison to fail, and for Myra to die behind bars.

As he enters a macabre cat-and-mouse operation with Britain’s most notorious child killer, it’s a race against time for Fred  to wrestle the hard evidence from Brady’s haunted state of mind before Myra Hindley is granted parole.

My Secret Murders is a multi-media play that explores the themes of evil and culpability, and on one man’s commitment to uncover the truth, where, for 20 years, the police had failed.